Good Harvest holds an annual capacity of 70,000 MT of glyphosate technical 97 % by IDA route and a variety of formulated products amount to 200,000MT with the formulations ranging from 30% to 88.8%; of which glyphosate ammonium salt, IPA salt, potassium salt, DMA salt and some other formulations like WGD are included.

The company is a class of its own regarding sugar beet herbicides. It’s the first manufacturer of the sugar beet herbicides—ethofumesate, desmedipham and phemedipham in China. Not only is the output of these products leading worldwide, but also the quality. And the company is equipped with the very devices for formulating and manufacturing all sorts of formulations. In order to satisfy the needs from the customers around the world and to better service the global agriculture, the company has invested heavily in recent years to develop four highly marketable herbicides, namely, glufosinate-ammonium, dicamba, S-metolachlor and 2, 4-D (including MCPA); which will be gradually brought into the market. As means of market diversification, Good Harvest has acquired and merged with some other corporations to jointly develop oxyfluorfen, diflufenican, sulfonylurea group herbicides, azoxystrobin, tebuconazole, diafenthiuron, metaldehyde, metribuzin, indoxacarb, pymetrozine, mesotrione, thiamethoxam, triclopyr, etc.

With its core business clinched to pesticides, Good Harvest is taking its opportunity to carry out a new round of R & D on a series of new pesticides to better realize the company’s potential. Meanwhile, aiming at the domestic market, a great sum of money has been spent in developing biological pesticides and specialty fertilizers. Hopefully, biotechnological industry will also thrive alongside with pesticides.

Good Harvest deems its reputation to a great extent. Close attention has long been paid to the management and the maintenance of the corporation reputation. Naturally, a bright image was sculptured among millions of the farmers and in the pesticides industry in China. Moreover, Good Harvest actively assumes its social responsibilities. To date, nearly CNY 200 million has been used for the projects of environmental protection; around CNY 80 million is spent yearly to prevent the projects from malfunctioning. Occupational Safety and Health Convention is abided by strictly in Good Harvest. Centering on each individual, the company has spent good money to ensure all staff’s wholesomeness through the improvement of the workshop environment.

Good Harvest is more than willing to cooperate closely with friends, customers and partners from all over the world. Together we can embrace the new challenges and opportunities and harvest a better tomorrow. Good Harvest hereby expresses its genuine gratitude to each and every friend for your unfailing support along the way.

Good Harvest advocates the basic principle of “open, fair and just” and the corporate spirit of “civil, charitable, honest and innovative”. The company respects and values each and every staff member. To achieve the corporation goal of “establishing a world famous brand and lasting for centuries”, Good Harvest genuinely hopes to work together with friends from around the world to build a glorious tomorrow and to share the good harvest!